Mental Health Counseling

Customized for your teen in the way they communicate, no matter where they are or when they need it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your teen had access to 24-hour, personalized, confidential support rather than just during a scheduled 60-minute appointment?

This is why we’ve developed our counseling model to better reflect the unique needs of your teens’ busy, digitally-oriented lives.

  • After an initial intake assessment, you will begin working with your counselor over secure text and email.
  • Supplementary video or phone calls are optional and completely up to your preference.  This structure allows you to send your counselor thoughts, ideas, concerns, problems whenever they occur, rather than waiting for your next session.
  • Your counselor will respond to your messages via text or email in a timely manner.  This system allows you to access your support system 24-hours a day, when your concerns arise. It creates a space for an open, ongoing dialogue, that doesn’t start and stop at a scheduled weekly session.

By doing this, we are also able to reduce the cost of therapy, by creating one flat rate, regardless of how often you may contact your counselor. The cost for online counseling is $350 per month.

Contact us to see if this approach may be right for your teen.

Request an appointment with our team and we’ll be in touch right away to schedule your first visit.

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